Free Download: 12 New South American Albums

By | 19 March, 2014

With close to a third of the year already gone we thought it was about time we brought to attention some of the great new sounds we’ve been listening to this year and which are available for everyone’s earlobes, as they are all FREE to download. So waste no time, have a look below and get yourself some of the best new sounds from South America.

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La Medicina – Hipócritas (Chile)
pop / indie / electro / hip-hop

First album from La Medicina, whose members play for bands like La Reina Morsa and whose style shows no boundaries.

Download Here

Various Artists – Sonsonete: La Memoria Sonora de Barranquilla (Colombia)
tropical / cumbia / carnival

This is an amazing project from the guys at Todo Mono in Barranquilla, bringing life to their city’s Colombian/Caribbean identity with the help of friends including Bomba Estéreo’s Simon Mejía, Frente Cumbiero, Colectro, Locos Por Juana and DJ Orion. S&C’s Gina Vergel wrote about this release in depth.

Download Here

Juçara Marçal – Encarnado (Brazil)
samba / afro

Latest album from this veteran of São Paulo’s samba scene whose confidence seems to be at an all-time high. After collaborating with experimental guitarist Kiko Dinucci for the past 10 years (most notably in the group Metá-Metá) this new release marks a new period in her career whereby she moves towards her own identity, albeit with the help of songs written by São Paulo’s current crop of noise-makers (Dinucci, Siba, Rodrigo Campos, Douglas Germano, Romulo Fróes et al), as well as her own original compositions. Now in her 50s, this is the sound of a talent truly blossoming.

Download Here

Dolli – Colorado EP (Venezuela)
electronic / cumbia / tropical / down-tempo

We’re huge fans of Dolli – based in Caracas, Venezuela – and have been loving the way his music has slowly evolved to include more colours and shades. On this latest EP, vocals, trombone, guitar and percussion collide to create a gorgeous soundscape, something which Dolli seems to be able to conjure at will.

Download Here

SidiRum – Le Soleil (Argentina)
cumbia / digital / eletrofolklore

Marking what this Argentine producer is calling a new era in his work, Le Soleil is a moody electro-cumbia EP that constantly moves into new directions. Featuring collaborations with Barrio Lindo and Barda, We’re hoping for a lot more from where this came from.

Download Here

Trummer Super Sub América – Trummer Super Sub América (Brazil)
mangue / garage rock

When the first track is called “SAS (Salve América do Sul)” (Save South America!) we really had no choice but to include this album here. Trummer Super Sub América is the first album from this new side project of Fábio Trummer from Recife’s legendary manguebit group Eddie and partners him with members of Vivendo do Ócio for a record that continues Eddie’s fusion of rock, garage and 60s pop with a certain swing no doubt indebted to a life soaking up the rhythms of Northeast Brazil.

Download Here

Various Artists – Sonidos Colombianos BCNK Vol 3 (Colombia)
tropical / jazz / rock / fusion

This miniature compilation from Revista Bacánika collects together a selection of five new Colombian tunes, showing how diverse Colombia’s music scene is at the moment. From tropical to jazz to rock, it’s all on offer here.

Download Here

Don L – Caro Vapor – Vida e Veneno de Don L (Brazil)

We love this new mixtape from Brazilian rapper and producer Don L, which includes collaborations with Aline Belfort, André Porto, Apu Gomes, Autumn Sonnichsen, Paulo Batalha and Natalia Kataoka, and shows why Don L may be the best kept secret in Brazilian music. This is packed with tunes.

Download Here

Kif – Mañanero (Uruguay)
hip-hop / soul / electronic

The first recorded output from Montevideo’s Ian Lampel and Eco Lopez. We’re huge fans of Lampel’s work and interviewed him on Sounds and Colours after being blown away by his work as Metis. On Kif the focus is on more of a woozy soul sound, but we love it none the less.

Download Here

Graveola – Vozes Invisíveis ou Dois e Meio (Brazil)
indie / tropicália

Following on from their second album, Eu Preciso de Um Liquidificador, Belo Horizonte’s Graveola are back with another album of whimsical tropicália-influenced pop. Just imagine a halfway point between Os Mutantes and Belle and Sebastian and you get the idea.

Download Here

Boom Boom Clan – Lo Mejor De Ella (Venezuela)
idm / digital / indietronica

For us, Boom Boom Clan are one incredibly important band. It was this group that featured two of our favourite Venezuelan artists, Dolli (see above) and Algodón Egipcio, when they were defining a certain ‘Caracas’-inspired downtempo sound. Unfortunately the group split five years ago before releasing an album. Lo Mejor De Ella then represents a Greatest Hits of sorts, a posthumous release bringing together the best of their recorded output. It is well overdue.

Download Here

DJ Dolores – Banda Sonora (Brazil)
soundtrack / folclorica / experimental

To finish off this list we wanted to post this great compilation put together by DJ Dolores (another hugely important exponent of Brazil’s manguebit scene) who here collects together all the music he has made for soundtracks. The selections show the variety in his work and also offer a tecnicolour vision of the Brazilian music canon, a surprisingly coherent release.

Download Here

If you have any trouble downloading anything or have any other questions just leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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