Elite Squad

10 Best Films Set In Rio de Janeiro

By 17 November, 2016

Rio de Janeiro is notorious for having one of the highest levels of social inequality on earth. A city of dramatic contradictions – it’s glamorous but ugly, passionate but angry, tranquil but dangerous. While beauty radiates from its... Read Article

REVIEW Futuro Beach

By 24 August, 2015

An emotionally intense and disorientating film, Futuro Beach (Praia do Futuro) is part love story and part coming of age tale, divided between Brazil and Germany and told in three chapters. The film premièred in Europe last year... Read Article

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

REVIEW Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

By 06 February, 2012

“Despite the many similarities to reality, this film is a work of fiction” There is something about Rio de Janeiro’s favelas which makes for cinematic gold. Brazil’s writers and directors seamlessly combine well-stylised action with documentary-grade realism and... Read Article