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REVIEW Ixcanul

By 03 August, 2016

Ixcanul is set on a coffee plantation in Guatemala, located on the side of an active volcano which gives the film its name. Jayro Bustamante’s debut film has impressed audiences and critics internationally, becoming one of the most... Read Article

REVIEW Bring Back Rock

By 26 November, 2015

Written and directed by Santiago Charriere, this documentary focuses on Argentine pop-rock sensations Banda de Turistas as they tread the rocky ground between mainstream popularity and musical integrity. While traditional music documentaries tend to examine well-known bands’ rise... Read Article

REVIEW Futuro Beach

By 24 August, 2015

An emotionally intense and disorientating film, Futuro Beach (Praia do Futuro) is part love story and part coming of age tale, divided between Brazil and Germany and told in three chapters. The film premièred in Europe last year... Read Article

REVIEW Gente de Bien

By 17 April, 2015

The issues tackled in Gente de Bien, Franco Lolli’s award-winning social drama, are familiar to Latin American film: poverty, hardship, familial strife and the differences between rich and poor. However, Lolli manages to tackle these familiar themes in a... Read Article

Brazil’s New Literary Encounters

By 03 September, 2014

While Brazilian music, cinema and sport have been making waves outside of the country for some time, Brazilian literature remains largely unread outside the country’s borders, with relatively few works translated for English readers. However, in recent years... Read Article

REVIEW Ni Un Hombre Más

By 22 April, 2014

Ni Un Hombre Más (English Title: Iguana Stew), Martin Salinas’ chaotic black comedy and directorial debut takes place in the jungle of Misiones, the humid and lively Argentinian province bordered by Brazil and Paraguay. It is here that... Read Article

REVIEW Violeta Went to Heaven

By 22 January, 2013

A tragic portrait of a talented yet troubled woman, Violeta Went to Heaven, from Chilean director Andrés Wood (Historias De Fútbol, La Fiebre Loco) allows us a touching glimpse at the life of Violeta Parra, singer, painter and... Read Article

REVIEW The Dead Man and Being Happy

By 05 December, 2012

The Dead Man and Being Happy (El Muerto y Ser Feliz) is the third feature film from Spanish writer and director Javier Rebollo, and charts the somewhat unconventional road-trip of its two curious yet strangely endearing protagonists.