REVIEW Cero39 – Móntate En El Viaje

By 25 March, 2013

You’ve probably heard Mauricio Alvarez’s project, Cero39, before. He’s churned out remixes for a lot of the cumbia digital heavy hitters, from Colombia’s own Bomba Estéreo and Lido Pimienta, to ZZK greats Fauna. Now we get to hear... Read Article

REVIEW Future Sounds of Buenos Aires

By 29 October, 2012

Since approximately 2006, the musicians from ZZK Records have managed to turn Buenos Aires into a hotbed for sonic experimentation, mirroring on some level global trends within electronic music and the remix culture. Nonetheless, the sounds coming from... Read Article

Pernett – The Caribbean Computer

REVIEW Pernett – The Caribbean Computer

By 13 September, 2012

For his fifth body of work, Humberto Pernett has managed to release an album that is modern yet retro, folkloric yet futuristic. The Caribbean Computer, a happy hodgepodge of all these traits, drops in Colombia on September 25th.