Gui Amabis

S&C New Latin Music Playlist #2

By 16 May, 2017

The spring and start of summer are a fruitful time for new music releases, which may explain why we’ve been inundated with new music. As usual, the quality has been high and the choices as eclectic as always.... Read Article

The Rise of Amabis

By 08 January, 2014

Up until the last three years, fans of MPB in and outside Brazil may not have necessarily recognized Guilherme Amabis’ full name, but they had, undeniably, heard his music before. He’s worked on soundtracks for Hollywood blockbusters like... Read Article

Céu – Caravana Sereia Bloom

REVIEW Céu – Caravana Sereia Bloom

By 04 April, 2012

Before listening to Céu’s third album Caravana Sereia Bloom I struggled to think how she could improve on Vagarosa, the second of two albums that established her as one of Brazil’s finest singer/songwriters. With Vagarosa she had built... Read Article

REVIEW Amabis – Memórias Luso/Africanas

By 28 September, 2011

Amabis‘ Memórias Luso/Africanas comes across like a Brazilian Portishead, featuring three of Brazil’s most distinguished vocalists in the shape of Céu, Criolo and Tulipa, atop dense instrumental backing.