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Palenque Palenque! La Memoria Viva

By 20 May, 2011

From Cartagena we drove an hour to one of our last and most expected destinations, the mystical heart of Africa in Colombia: San Basilio de Palenque. Both a forgotten and revered town, it is considered the first village... Read Article

Cartagena: African legacy in America

Cartagena: African legacy in America

By 17 May, 2011

Back from Isla Grande, we spent a few days in Cartagena, a beautiful city, also one of the most important historical ports in the American continent. The city is Colombia’s prime tourist destination, a vibrant place, full of... Read Article

Carnival in Barranquilla / Meeting Vincent

By 19 March, 2011

Late last year Lulacruza, an Argentinean/Colombian musical duo, and Vincent Moon, a renowned French filmmaker, hatched a plan to travel throughout Colombia creating a modern version of field recordings, which in their own words would be “a traveling... Read Article