Music of Venezuela

REVIEW Edwin Sanz – Overflow

By 27 September, 2016

It starts in a madcap whirl of old-school R&B and London gospel, intertwined with spiralling Latin brass and percussion. And by the time it comes to an end, nine songs later, the new album from Venezuelan artist Edwin... Read Article

REVIEW Los Amigos Invisibles – Repeat After Me

By 03 April, 2013

Los Amigos Invisibles have been visible in the Latin American musical realm for some time now. The disco-funk rockers from Caracas have worked hard over the past twenty years to create a distinct blend of sounds and musical rhythms.... Read Article

Americania – Sal

By 12 September, 2011

New video from Americania, one of the artists featured in our Going Underground: New Music From Venezuela article. This is “Sal”:

Algodón Egipcio – La Lucha Constante

REVIEW Algodón Egipcio – La Lucha Constante

By 11 April, 2011

I feel a little under-qualified to review this record, as if maybe I’m missing something in the whole scheme of things. Normally everything follows a clear path and I can trace the steps; that band influenced that band... Read Article

Happy Jazz Radio’s Venezuelan Mix

MIXTAPE Happy Jazz Radio’s Venezuelan Mix

By 24 January, 2011

You’ve got to give it to the guys at Happy Jazz Radio – they certainly know their stuff. After supplying us with incredible Argentinian, Brazilian, Peruvian and Chilean mixes, we know get their take on the music of... Read Article

Jóvenes y Sexys — Bruno EP

Jóvenes y Sexys — Bruno EP

By 04 December, 2010

Jovenes y Sexys is a very rare find. This delightful band from Caracas in Venezuela seem to have a knack for great indie pop songs with that special gift of intrigue. Within their ideas you get a feeling... Read Article