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REVIEW Earthly Tapes 01

By 01 May, 2020

Smooth chant, Southern Cone mysticism, relaxing Brazilian groove – what more could you need to guide you through lockdown. Earthly Measures are easing the claustrophobia of the time with their debut release Earthly Tapes 01. It is the first in... Read Article

REVIEW Canción Sin Nombre

By 30 April, 2020

Canción Sin Nombre (Song Without a Name) is a black-and-white crime thriller laced with sadness as it charts a fictional path based on the very real disaster of child trafficking in 1980s Peru. It is set against the... Read Article

REVIEW Barda – Paseo Telúrico

By 01 April, 2020

Cecilia Gebhard (alias Barda) has been making waves for a while now with her downtempo mix of organic textures and soundscapes born of the connections and disparities between machines and nature. With her latest release, she again fuses... Read Article

REVIEW Mateo Kingman – Astro

By 21 August, 2019

Soft electro chords, stellar echoes, playfulness and cosmic beats are the spine of Mateo Kingman’s second album, Astro. The record opens with “Umbral” (‘beginning’ or ‘threshold’, in English) and it feels as though this is more of a... Read Article

REVIEW Jardín – Maqui de Hierro

By 19 July, 2019

The re-released record from Peruvian duo Jardín is better described as a scientific experiment in musical form. The themes of hypnosis, confusion and sonic discovery run through this album like an electrical current. Stressful, at times perplexing, it... Read Article

REVIEW El Búho – Balance

By 10 November, 2017

Balance opens like a springtime morning, with “Coro del Amanecer” nudging the door ajar to let in the light of birdsong. It moves gently to add layered beats, the coming or going of footsteps, the tinkle of water... Read Article

REVIEW Magallanes – Fátima

By 24 May, 2017

I tried to listen to the first track on Fátima, the new album from Colombian outfit Magallanes, but found it more of a visual experience than an aural one. The music conjured up 1980s electronica laser effects and... Read Article

REVIEW Portraits Of A Search

By 04 May, 2017

A woman traipses through scrubland, brushing aside dusty bushes with a stick, looking for a piece of clothing, a shoe; anything that may give her a clue as to her son’s whereabouts. Retratos de una Búsqueda (Portraits of... Read Article

REVIEW Presos (Imprisoned)

By 03 April, 2017

The renegade daughter erring on the side of danger. So far, so familiar for the film staple of rebellious teenagers. But when you add the fact that the adolescent in question is acting alongside real-life inmates in a... Read Article

REVIEW Algodón Egipcio – La Confianza Ciega

By 06 December, 2016

La Confianza Ciega is a kaleidoscopic record. That was the overpowering feeling that I had listening to the new offering from Venezuelan artist Algodón Egipcio. It is an ever-moving artwork that is complex in its rhythms, surprising in... Read Article