Jóvenes y Sexys — Bruno EP

By 04 December, 2010

Jovenes y Sexys is a very rare find. This delightful band from Caracas in Venezuela seem to have a knack for great indie pop songs with that special gift of intrigue. Within their ideas you get a feeling that there is a real compulsion to create something magical, there is no pretense and it’s not as simple as just writing a pop song. Their Bruno EP, which as available at The Poni Republic is the perfect example of this.

The EP features three originals and a cover of a Breeders song. Vocals, guitars, percussion, background effects, handclaps and feedback constantly weave in and out of each other as melodies interlock and hypnotise. There are so many magical moments with this band, such as when the vocal harmony loops halfway through “Suerte” and a xylophone and organ take their opportunity to take the song off into the clouds.

Jóvenes y Sexys consists of Ezequiel Bertho and Lorena Orlando, with the occasional help of friends.

Download Jóvenes y Sexys Bruno EP from The Poni Republic.

Find out more at their Myspace.

Video to “El Reloj”:

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