Happy Jazz Radio’s Venezuelan Mix

By 24 January, 2011

You’ve got to give it to the guys at Happy Jazz Radio – they certainly know their stuff. After supplying us with incredible Argentinian, Brazilian, Peruvian and Chilean mixes, we know get their take on the music of Venezuelan, and it’s a pearler. Full of great jazz and salsa, it’s a perfect mix for the evening, afternoon or morning.

  1. Vytas Brenner – Cerro Del Avila (Emi Parlophone)
  2. Esperanto – Cosa Sauve (CBS)
  3. Baquedanu’s – Impressions (Discomoda)
  4. Frank Quintero & Los Balzehaguaos – Poe Tenerte Cerca (CBS)
  5. Frank Quintero & Los Balzehaguaos – La Salamandra (CBS)
  6. Mango – Ajoporro (Integra)
  7. Mango – Mango A La Freddy (Integra)
  8. Ray Perez & Los Kenya – Record En T.V. (Pyraphon)
  9. Frank “El Pavo” Hernandez – El Pito (RCA Victor)
  10. Los Supremos – Ven A Gozar Morena (Verde)
  11. Los Dementes – Carnaval De Cueros (Velvet)
  12. Virgilio Armas Y Su Grupo – Sobre El Orinoco (BASF)
  13. Virgilio Armas Trio – Repente
  14. Esperanto – Alegria (CBS)
  15. Grupo Almendra – Tu Y Yo (Discomoda) (not the Argentinian group Almendra – I believe???)
  16. Gerry Weil – Little Man (Mercury)

Download This mix is no longer available

You can find out more about Happy Jazz Radio by reading our interview with them HERE.

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