PREMIÈRE: Lulina & Hurso – Joanete Clair

By 19 January, 2021

“It’s the soundtrack to a bar on the Olinda seashore, in the 80s”. Lulina, charged with a warm nostalgia, is vividly describing her upcoming full-length, Vida Amorosa Que Segue – Vol. 1, a collaborative album with friend, bassist and... Read Article

The Time and Being of Gilvan Samico

By 26 November, 2013

25th November, 2013 was a strange day. It was the day Sounds and Colours released our new book/CD Sounds and Colours Brazil. It was also the day that the incredible Brazilian artist Gilvan Samico passed away. The following... Read Article

Mestre Ferrugem – Ferrugem

REVIEW Mestre Ferrugem – Ferrugem

By 16 March, 2012

I’ve never been to Recife or to its neighbouring city, Olinda, in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, but if a holiday spent in these cities had a soundtrack, I imagine the music would come straight from Ferrugem, Mestre... Read Article

South America Carnival Guide 2012

By 15 February, 2012

Carnival season is almost here! Of course the most famous carnival is Rio’s, but there are many more. In Brazil alone there are large carnival parties in Salvador, Recife, Paraty and Ouro Preto to name just a few.... Read Article