Passo Torto

Best Albums Of 2013

By 20 December, 2013

There is little doubt that it has been a great year for South American music. The proof of that can be found in how hard it was for us to select just 20 albums as representing the cream... Read Article

REVIEW Passo Torto – Passo Elétrico

By 17 December, 2013

I’d been planning on writing a review of Passo Torto‘s second album ever since it came out in May this year. It’s an album I keep coming back to, that keeps surprising me. It has an immediacy that... Read Article

Debut Album from Passo Torto Released

Debut Album from Passo Torto Released

By 11 November, 2011

Passo Torto can only really be disguised as a supergroup, one that collects together four of the most intriguing artists working in Brazil at the moment, artists that you could describe as existing somewhere between the worlds of... Read Article