MIXTAPE DJ 440’s Camisa 10 Mixtape

By 18 June, 2013

This time next year of course we’ll all be living it up on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, bathing in the greatest show on earth as Brazil stages what should be a quite splendid World Cup. Will... Read Article

Feiticeiro Julião “BARRA”

By 09 November, 2012

Feiticeiro Julião are one of the more interesting new bands to come out of Recife. With outlandish clothing, energetic stage presence and songs that mix mangue bit, jazz and funk with something tribal, hallucinogenic even, they are definitely... Read Article

Cabruêra – Nordeste Oculto

REVIEW Cabruêra – Nordeste Oculto

By 22 May, 2012

Nordeste Oculto is the fifth album from Paraíba’s Cabruêra, and forms part of a special release mapping the North-East of Brazil which also includes texts written by musician/poet Alberto Marsicano and a book of band member Arthur Pessoa’s... Read Article

Volver – Mangue Beatle

By 16 April, 2012

And the award for irony most definitely goes to Pernambuco’s Volver and their song “Mangue Beatle.” If you don’t understand Portuguese unfortunately you may miss out on this song’s charms, including various nods to the mangue beat scene... Read Article

Mestre Ferrugem – Ferrugem

REVIEW Mestre Ferrugem – Ferrugem

By 16 March, 2012

I’ve never been to Recife or to its neighbouring city, Olinda, in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, but if a holiday spent in these cities had a soundtrack, I imagine the music would come straight from Ferrugem, Mestre... Read Article

Jr. Black – Sha-layam!

By 30 September, 2011

We’re loving this new video from Jr Black, an artist from Pernambuco who we featured on our Musica da Massa! New Sounds of Pernambuco compilation. This track is taken from RGB which you really should check out.

Tibério Azul – Veja Só

By 19 September, 2011

Here’s the first single from Tibério Azul‘s forthcoming album Bandarra, to be released soon. Tibério Azul is also a member of Seu Chico, a seven-piece band from Pernambuco, and this is his first solo effort. Although the summer... Read Article