REVIEW Gepe – Estilo Libre

By 01 October, 2015

When I first listened to Gepe on Gepinto (2005), it felt very much like an addition to a folk ambient movement that was going on in Santiago at the time (arguably still present), probably most exemplified by the... Read Article

Fakuta “Despacio”

By 24 March, 2015

The latest video from Chilean electro-pop chanteuse Fakuta focuses on what a good night out in Santiago is all about. Filmed on an actual night out, the video shows Fakuta and her friends – who are in fact... Read Article

REVIEW Diosque – Constante

By 01 November, 2014

Diosque’s Constante represents some of the freshest new sounds coming out of Argentina. Everything from the order of the tracks to the diversity within them reflects a carefully thought-out album. The string of dance tracks placed at the... Read Article

Protistas “En Mis Genes”

By 22 August, 2014

Chile’s Protistas are back with a new video, representing our first taste of their new album, due later this year. Protistas have established themselves as one of Latin America’s finest indie-pop groups, and this latest track, “En Mis... Read Article

Gepe – Campos Magnéticos

By 09 January, 2012

Here is the video for “Campos Magnéticos”, the first single from Gepegepegepe, Gepe‘s forthcoming new album, and one we hope will be just as good as it’s predecessor Audiovision, one of our favourite albums of 2010.

Pedropiedra – Occidental

By 19 October, 2011

Another new video from Santiago, Chile. This one is from Pedropiedra, purveyor of some of the finest pop in Latin America, someone with a real touch of subtlety and attention to detail which he brings to all of... Read Article

Caravana — Caravana

REVIEW Caravana — Caravana

By 04 May, 2011

Caravana starts ominously with “Reconocer”, a thundering, sludgy piece of dark pop in the vein of The National and The Walkmen. As the album continues though light begins to slip through, revealing a highly inventive, textured pop album.