Protistas “En Mis Genes”

By 22 August, 2014

Chile’s Protistas are back with a new video, representing our first taste of their new album, due later this year. Protistas have established themselves as one of Latin America’s finest indie-pop groups, and this latest track, “En Mis Genes” continues their classy mix of emotive vocals, driving bass and alternately grungy and jangly guitars, a Latin fusion of The Sea and Cake, New Pornographers and Weezer if you will.

The video plays like a B-Movie horror flick and perhaps shows a little of the group’s interests. It was directed by Matías Rojas Valencia and produced by Ana Gómez Kind and Andrés Acevedo. Check it out below.

Find out more about Protistas at and keep an eye out for their new album, which will be released on Quemasucabeza.

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