Soda Stereo

Axel Krygier “Hombre De Piedra”

By 25 February, 2015

One of our favourite South American artists – and we don’t use this description lightly – is back. Recent news has filtered our way of a new album from Argentine maverick Axel Krygier. This is an artist whose... Read Article

REVIEW Julián Mayorga – Atlas

By 07 November, 2014

Julián Mayorga is a musician and artist from Ibagué, Colombia. His third album Atlas is a peculiar sound, mixing experimental sounds with electronic overtones and surreal, poetic lyrics. He was the first Colombian artist to appear in the... Read Article

Murga: The Unknown Buenos Aires’ Carnival

By 13 February, 2011

Throughout Latin America, carnival traditions are intrinsically tied to the African slave descendents and their culture and struggle. It’s said that during colonial times, the week of carnival (a Christian traditional celebration of pagan origins that happens right... Read Article