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REVIEW Roberto Fonseca – ABUC

By 28 April, 2017

Wherever pianist Roberto Fonseca lays his hat he always remembers home. Cuba. For those doubting Thomases out there merely spell his latest album ABUC back to front and alakazam! Knocking around for many years, he has collaborated with... Read Article

REVIEW Palenque Records AfroColombia Remix

By 28 February, 2017

The musical magic of Afro-Colombia has once again graced our ears. This instalment comes from Galletas Calientes Records and a group of DJs and producers who span the Global Bass scene. On Palenque Records AfroColombia Remix they deliver... Read Article

REVIEW Xenia Rubinos – Black Terry Cat

By 12 January, 2017

One word to describe multi-instrumentalist Xenia Rubinos‘ latest instalment Black Terry Cat? Unpredictable. After a three year wait Brooklyn based Rubinos has resurfaced with a fresh musical medley, brimming full of twists and turns. With Afro-Latin heritage, a... Read Article

REVIEW Sonzeira – Tam Tam Tam Reimagined

By 09 November, 2016

It’s not exactly a secret that Gilles Peterson loves Brazil. From writing a playlist for the Guardian of his top ten Brazilian anthems to creating his own Brazilian music project Sonzeira, it’s obvious he’s no stranger to the... Read Article