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REVIEW Olaya Sound System – Quién Es Quién

By 10 November, 2015

The roots of Peruvian music are inspiring fresh new fusions from fertile bands like Bareto, Pangolin Sound System and Chintatá. It’s not just about them putting value in their immensely rich musical traditions, it’s about the knowledge, the... Read Article

REVIEW Chico Trujillo – Gran Pecador

By 27 August, 2013

Sometimes I feel as if Chico Trujillo were a band born to alleviate the current lack of troubadours in contemporary Latin American music. This is not to say that there aren’t (hip hop, cumbia and folk artists have... Read Article

Chicha Libre – Canibalismo

REVIEW Chicha Libre – Canibalismo

By 08 May, 2012

If Pulp Fiction had been a South rather than North American production, there is no doubt it’s soundtrack would have oozed chicha. It’s not hard to see why the music has enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent... Read Article

Roots of Chicha Mixtape

MIXTAPE Roots of Chicha Mixtape

By 30 September, 2011

It seems like a while since we last featured chicha on the site, which is why we thought we’d bring you this little mix of tracks off The Roots of Chicha releases for this week’s mix.

Nation Beat – Growing Stone

REVIEW Nation Beat – Growing Stone

By 13 September, 2011

Growing Stone begins with the maracatu meets New Orleans energy of “Puxa O Boi”, which with it’s funky guitars comes across as a pacified Chico Science e Nacao Zumbi. It’s followed by “Bicu De Lambu” which plays forró... Read Article