Colombia’s Colectro Release New Album ‘Coletera’

By 22 September, 2016

Bogotá-based Colectro, known for their style of folkloric-tinged rock, which they coined coletera, have released a new album. Coletera, which dropped the 25th of August, is 12-tracks of high energy Caribbean-infused music with elements of bullerengue, son de negro, jalao and chalupa; mixed with electrónica and soukous. It’s... Read Article

Sounds of Colombian Port City Inspire Album

By 04 February, 2014

A collaborative project by the Todomono collective along with a variety of our favorite artists and DJs has resulted in a special album that brings the sounds of Barranquilla to listeners. “Sonsonete: la memoria sonora de Barranquilla” took... Read Article

New video: Colectro ‘Magende’

By 15 August, 2013

It’s always ‘puro vacilón’ when our favorite Bogotá, Colombia,-based Barranquilleros release new music.  Colectro, which dub their style of folkloric-tinged rock music as coletera, have gifted fans with quite the psychedelic track in ‘Magende.’ The video features the psychedelic journey of... Read Article