REVIEW Ariwo – Quasi

By 02 May, 2019

Reviews of Ariwo‘s first, eponymous album, released in May 2017, talked memorably of “a sonic terra incognita” and “a soundscape that was paralyzing and moving all at once”. Listening to the stripped-back and hypnotically percussive electro jazz of... Read Article

Chapter 6: Final Day of MANANA

By 03 February, 2017

Day 6, 6th May 2016 Milillian Galis is widely considered to be a living master of the batá drums and, some years ago, he had throat cancer. Now he speaks through an electrolarynx, which is literally a voice... Read Article

REVIEW Harold López-Nussa – El Viaje

By 04 November, 2016

Harold López-Nussa‘s El Viaje sounds, in fact, very much like a journey. Each track offers a different destination with different flavours, colours and sights. Although recognisably Cuban in its rhythmic potency and lyrical accents, it is decidedly cosmopolitan... Read Article

MIXTAPE Al Mal Tiempo, Buena Salsa Mixtape

By 18 November, 2013

I have a love/hate relationship with salsa. The hate stems mainly from the fact that I don’t understand it. During my time in Colombia I went to countless salsa clubs where the beat would hit and everyone’s hips... Read Article