Marcos Valle

REVIEW Marcos Valle – Sempre

By 21 June, 2019

Love him or leave him, there’s surely no denying that the sun-kissed beach boy from Rio has a felicitous way with a toon. Like Burt Bacharach and Paul McCartney, melody must be in his DNA. Purists might disapprove... Read Article

Best Reissues of 2018

By 21 December, 2018

As well as the new sounds of Latin America, 2018 has also been a fine year for the reissuing of older material with this selection of 12 newly-refurbished classics a great place for searching out some of Latin... Read Article

Putumayo World Music – Brazilian Beat

REVIEW Putumayo World Music – Brazilian Beat

By 29 January, 2012

World music label Putumayo has a noble but tricky mission. It aims “to introduce new global music to broad audiences” with ethnic-themed aggregations. This objective is challenging from a business standpoint. Any good introduction to a new music... Read Article

Mr Bongo Website Launched

Mr Bongo Website Launched

By 11 November, 2011

Mr Bongo have released a number of quality Brazilian film and music releases over the years. In the past it’s been a little tricky to find out more about those releases. Well, not anymore. They have just released... Read Article

Red Hot + Rio 2 Announce Tracklisting

Red Hot + Rio 2 Announce Tracklisting

By 23 May, 2011

A couple of weeks ago we announced that Red Hot + Rio 2, the new compilation from the Red Hot Organization featuring a variety of today’s artists covering tropicália classics, will feature the likes of Beck, Caetano Veloso,... Read Article