Mario Vargas Llosa

REVIEW Embrace Of The Serpent

By 25 January, 2016

Ciro Guerra’s Oscar nominated third feature picks up where his second, 2009’s The Wind Journeys (Los Viajes del Viento), left off. His subject material is once again the rich anthropological heritage of his native Colombia, but where the... Read Article

In Memoriam: Eduardo Galeano

By 24 April, 2015

“Now I feel more than ever proud of having been born in America, in this shit, in this marvel”: an insight into the works and legacy of Eduardo Galeano. “¡Un clasico!”, I glanced over to see an elderly... Read Article

REVIEW Storm In The Andes

By 23 March, 2015

Storm In The Andes (Tempestad En Los Andes) marks the final instalment of director Mikael Wiström’s “Peruvian trilogy”. The documentary intertwines two very distinct lives, that of Swedish born Josefin Ekermann whose aunt Augusta La Torre was second... Read Article

Jorge Luis Borges at his office, Argentine National Library, 1973

Borges and his Successors

By 01 December, 2014

In his short essay Kafka and his Precursors, Borges writes of the Czech author that “at first I had considered him to be as singular as the phoenix of rhetorical praise.” This quote could easily be applied to... Read Article

Transitional Justice in Peru

By 04 October, 2012

Rebecca K. Root’s Transitional Justice in Peru is a thoughtful account of the human rights abuses which arose from the usurping of democratic institutions, the militarisation of political and legal processes and the murderous activities of the Sendero... Read Article

Ollanta Humala’s Path to Peruvian President

Ollanta Humala’s Path to Peruvian President

By 05 August, 2011

In 2000, Ollanta Humala led an unsuccessful military rebellion against Peru’s then-President Alberto Fujimori. Six years later, the left-wing nationalist entered the political realm, losing to Alan Garcia in the presidential runoff.