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REVIEW Orkesta Mendoza – ¡Vamos A Guarachar!

By 07 December, 2016

Perhaps there is something about the borderlands setting of Tucson, Arizona, that inspires musicians to experiment with a variety of sounds. The Tucson-based rock bands Giant Sand and Calexico have developed reputations for their shifting approaches and genre... Read Article

REVIEW Luísa Maita – Fio Da Memória

By 04 October, 2016

It is tempting to present Luísa Maita’s new album Fio da Memória as a dramatic departure from her debut, Lero-Lero (2010). In fact, I did so here when describing the album’s eponymous first single. And it is pretty clear... Read Article

REVIEW Grupo Fantasma – Problemas

By 03 February, 2016

Thanks to its proximity to Mexico, Texas has been home to musicians who have recorded in Spanish for many decades now. Naturally, this tejano music has been strongly influenced by Mexican forms like ranchera and corridos. That is... Read Article

The Invention of Nature by Andrea Wulf

By 07 December, 2015

With The Invention of Nature (subtitled The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the Lost Hero of Science) Andrea Wulf makes a persuasive case that Alexander von Humboldt’s contributions are foundational to modern scientific and environmentalist thought and should... Read Article

REVIEW Getúlio

By 24 November, 2014

Getúlio, a new film about Brazilian president Getúlio Vargas by João Jardim, reminds me somewhat of Lincoln, the 2012 film about the American president of the same name. Both films focus on crucial events in the lives of... Read Article