Music of Peru

Chico Unicornio – Triángulo

By 22 September, 2011

Chico Unicornio is having a busy week. On Monday he released a new single and today he’s offering up a video for “Triángulo”, the lead single from the Triángulo EP he released last September. Personally, we just can’t... Read Article

Saicomania hits the US

Saicomania hits the US

By 16 May, 2011

A new documentary on Los Saicos, one of the heaviest South American bands of the 60s, is preparing for its premiere in the US.

REVIEW The Roots of Chicha 2

By 03 October, 2010

After the surprise success of The Roots of Chicha, released in 2007, there is no real surprise that a second volume has been issued. Both releases feature Peru’s chicha music, also known as Peruvian cumbia, or as the... Read Article


By 25 September, 2010

We wrote a little about Hipnoascensión in our recent Going Underground: Peru article. We are planning to write a lot more in the future, especially after hearing such gorgeous pieces as this:

Going Underground: Peru

Going Underground: Peru

By 21 September, 2010

Here is our exploration into the underground scene in Peru. Among many things we have found a booming scene of chicha music, as well as many in thrall to the classic “nuggets” garage-punk of the 50s and 60s.... Read Article