Video premiere: ‘Galáctica’ by Bang Data

By 22 June, 2017

Oakland, California’s Bang Data, led by Deuce Eclipse on vocals and producer/instrumentalist Juan Manuel Caipo, have a new lyric video for a song that is a cosmic mix of reggae and rock. “Galáctica,” the lead single for their forthcoming album,... Read Article

REVIEW D MinGus – Fricçao

By 26 November, 2013

Even though this is the age of remixing, repurposing, rescuing lost sounds and re-contextualizing old popular ones, it’s still quite hard for musicians to create a coherent intersection between the elements of each genre or style without sounding... Read Article

Mexican Institute of Sound – Politico

REVIEW Mexican Institute of Sound – Politico

By 15 August, 2012

“México, México, México… Ra Ra Ra.”  It has been a busy past few months for the country of México. A recent gold medal in Olympic soccer has lifted many spirits and overshadowed a disappointing presidential election and bump... Read Article

City Sounds: Buenos Aires

By 01 June, 2011

Like every other big city in the world, there is a musicality that oozes from the streets of Buenos Aires. The incessant humming of old, rusty buses trying to make their way through cobbled roads, explosive symphonies of... Read Article