São Paulo

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 27: Pedro Bertho

By 22 March, 2021

A matter of weeks after hosting Patuá Discos‘ chief DJ Paulão for a breathtaking Raro Mixtape entry, we’re thrilled to have Patuá mainstay and Paulão’s production partner Pedro Bertho sitting in the mix. Having relocated to Lyon, France,... Read Article

Under The Influence: Caixa Cubo

By 10 March, 2021

São Paulo’s seasoned keys trio Caixa Cubo are proving to be, in the fashion of samba doido forebearers Azymuth, Brazil’s latest à la mode export. Less than a year since we premièred their seventh studio album Angela, the... Read Article

MIXTAPE DANZ ON 15: Entropia-Entalpia

By 26 February, 2021

Entropia-Entalpia is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Recife, who, following a two-year stint in Angola, moved to São Paulo, becoming a linchpin within the city’s world-revered alternative club scene. An integral member of the coveted Mamba Negra collective,... Read Article

MIXTAPE RARO 10: Serpente Tigre

By 12 February, 2021

“Thrilling” is an apt term to describe Serpente Tigre‘s trademark sound. The Paulista DJ and producer leaps between such an inexhaustible array of sounds during sets – and such at breakneck speed – that whiplash is an occupational... Read Article

MIXTAPE DANZ ON 13: Victor Miguez

By 05 February, 2021

Victor Miguez, aka Miguez, is a Paulista producer and DJ, as well as Bongosynth label and Apartamento 21 party founder. While the São Paulo party focuses on street celebrations in order to ensure people can dance together irrespective... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 19: Astralles

By 25 January, 2021

Growing up close to her city’s effervescent club scene, São Paulo’s Astralles has worked her way from the fringes to become one of SP’s nascent DJ talents. Founder of the Quack collective (a coterie of contemporary DJs, VJs... Read Article


By 22 January, 2021

It’s no overstatement to claim that Paulo Tessuto is responsible for much of São Paulo’s incomparably colourful, boundary-pushing electronic music scene. The producer, DJ, teacher, promoter, host and activist has been shaping Paulistas’ party experiences since starting to... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 17: Rodrigo Bento (Pilantragi)

By 11 January, 2021

Rodrigo Bento, firstly, considers himself a researcher, and fanatic, of Brazilian Popular Music. Across 8 years of professional DJ performance he’s shared his foremost passion, playing over 2000 gigs, sharing stages with Brazilian royalty, like of Gilberto Gil,... Read Article