Tropical Bass

REVIEW DJ Ground – Zooperitual

By 10 August, 2016

The mixture of ethnic sounds with electronic music is nothing new. A long time ago that sound became a cliche that has never been accepted by the sceptics, but in 2016 the resurgence of people working with samples and rhythmic structures of... Read Article

REVIEW Magín Díaz Y El Sexteto Gamerano

By 03 December, 2015

During a time when global bass is at the forefront of musical exploration and sonic innovation through its mixing of electronics with regional genres, there are some projects that shine by placing their value in the unknown life... Read Article

MIXTAPE EXCLUSIVE: Chakruna’s Peruvian Flavor Mixtape

By 10 July, 2015

Fresh from curating Peru Boom, a new compilation celebrating Peru’s underground dance music, here’s an exclusive from Peruvian producer Chakruna, showcasing the tropical bass, digital cumbia and Peruvian flavors that make Lima one of the most exciting places... Read Article

REVIEW Various Artists – Fritanga Vol. 1

By 26 June, 2015

If you’re a fan of the tropical bass sound, one of the most exciting things is the fact that, seemingly, there’s a new release every day. Labels like Regional and Frente Bolivarista are consistently pumping out interesting EPs... Read Article

REVIEW Uproot Andy – Barrioteca EP

By 05 June, 2015

‘Barrioteca Tropical’ is a movement and Uproot Andy is at the forefront. Putting together parties in New York, releasing material on independent labels and mixing tropical tunes since the beginning, when even hashtags genres like ‘global bass’ hadn’t... Read Article

Motin & Symbiz Release Scorchers via Enchufada

By 13 March, 2015

The folks over at (Buraka Som Sistema‘s label) Enchufada are releasing a bi-monthly series of free singles under the banner of Upper Cuts (they’ve given us goodies like this before), and two blazing tracks caught our attention. The first hails from the German town... Read Article