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Alborada Magazine Issue Three


Alborada Magazine Issue Three – Winter 2016/17

The latest edition of Alborada magazine presenting the progressive stories from Latin America that are so often left out of the news.

This edition features articles on the current political situation in Brazil, Colombia’s peace agreement, where the ‘pink tide’ finds itself these days, London’s Latin American community, the food sovereignty movement, the future of chavismo, Colombia’s Wayuu tribes, the musicians who are standing up against governments, and much more including reviews and articles on Latin American music, film and books.

With 68 pages in full colour, Alborada magazine is an entirely independent publication.

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Alborada is an independent voice on Latin American politics, media and culture. They provide a progressive take on the region, offering perspectives rarely found in the mainstream media. They also regularly organise documentary screenings and talks. Their sister organisation Alborada Films produces and distributes documentaries on Latin America covering similar issues to Alborada. You can find out more about them at alborada.net.

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