DJ Tudo E Sua Gente De Todo Lugar – Gaia Musica Vol. 2 (CD)


In the latest instalment in his Gaia Musica series DJ Tudo creates musical connections between Brazil and Morocco.

For DJ Tudo, Brazil and Morocco are ‘brother’ countries and this is something you can hear on the record with Gnawa music merging with the songs of Afro-Brazilian religions such as umbanda and candomblé, or with the caboclinho and ahoucha of Recife, as well as in the mixing of ijexá (aka afoxê) and Sufi ritual music issawa. A bass player as well as bandleader and producer, on this record DJ Tudo switches to playing the Gnawa guimbre instrument on some of the tracks, refreshing his own effortlessly funky bass playing in the process.

The album features contributions from legendary Brazilian singer and film-maker Sérgio Ricardo, the carioca keyboard player Sacha Amback, members of Casa de Caridade Pai João da Ronda (a group of umbanda devotees from São Paulo) and the musicians of DJ Tudo’s band. From Paris, there is the guitar player Stephane Goldman, from Netherlands Brazilian drummer Simone Sou, from Morocco musicians Mehdi Nassouli de Agadir, guitar player Amine Mellay from Casablanca, percussionist Amine Kanze (from Casablanca but lives in Brussels) and a Gnawa group from Brussels that come from various cities in Morocco.

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