Sonidos Raíces del Perú


A journey through Peruvian folklore has been transplanted across Latin America in our latest compilation, a collection of tracks entitled Sonidos Raíces del Perú. Our aim was to show the beauty of traditional Peruvian music and customs, but in a completely different context, by asking some of our favourite Latin American producers to reconfigure the sounds, retaining their soul but offering new environments in which they can be enjoyed.

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The starting point for Sonidos Raíces del Perú was the astonishing collection of field recordings amassed by nomadic French film-maker Vincent Moon during a trip of his to Peru between April and June 2013. In total he recorded 33 albums of material – available at – with each one representing a particular Peruvian custom, musician or group, spanning the entirety of the country. From that collection we asked a diverse group of producers and musicians to pick sounds that inspired them and to then interpret them in their own distinctive manner.

Across 11 tracks, Sonidos Raíces del Perú (translating as the “Root Sounds of Peru”) offers progressive, electronic interpretations of folk artists, ancient instrumentation, rituals, religious chants and everyday sounds, using techniques and methodology found in wide-ranging styles such as dub, musique concrete, electro-pop and the hyper-creative electronic music scene in Latin America, a scene that is currently creating ripples around the world.

The source material for all of the tracks is available from Petites Planetes at

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1. El Sueño de la Casa Propia – La Familia Choquihuillca
2. Señor Griff – Huancadelica
3. Caribombo feat. Mene Mauroa – Mi Raza
4. El Remolón – Wari Wawa
5. Quixosis – Ballumbro En Pucallpa
6. Pigmalião – El Camiño Para Zaña
7. Ed Bird – Gady Y Su Estudiantina
8. Psilosamples – Qoychuquy
9. Nillo & Sentidor – Curanderos
10. Panchasila – Cariñito Dub
11. Dolli – Viracocha