Afro-Brazilian Music

DJ Tudo’s Mixtape Ijexá

By 22 May, 2017

DJ Tudo is something of an ambassador for traditional Brazilian (and world) music. He’s been featured on this site many times before, whether for his funky globetrotting band DJ Tudo e Sua Gente de Todo Lugar, for his... Read Article

MIXTAPE Bixiga 70’s Afro-Latin Mini Mix

By 26 January, 2016

Ahead of their European tour – starting off with a hotly-anticipated London debut, before heading to Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain and Denmark – Bixiga 70 have put together a short but sweet selection of some of their... Read Article

MIXTAPE DJ Contracapa’s Afro Brazil Orixá Mix

By 09 January, 2015

Here we present our first ever mix from Epic Vinyls from Brazil aka DJ Contracapa, a Danish musicologist and huge Brazilian music fanatic. This mix seeks to show the deep connection with Africa that exists in Brazilian music,... Read Article