Argentine Film Festival

REVIEW Incident Light

By 09 August, 2016

Incident Light (La Luz Incidente) sets itself quite a task. Starting in the deflated aftermath of a family tragedy is something of a narrative impediment which director, Ariel Rotter, works to overcome. The action is not going to... Read Article

REVIEW Natural Sciences

By 13 November, 2014

My favourite acting performance at this year’s BAFICI (the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema) was undoubtedly that of 11-year old Paula Hertzog in Argentinean film Natural Sciences (Original title: Ciencias Naturales), a Córdoba-set tale of a... Read Article

REVIEW The Lost World Cup

By 09 April, 2013

The Lost World Cup (El Mundial Olvidado) is an ambiguous piece of work on the World Cup of 1942. What? Yes, that’s right, 1942! It’s all there in the tantalising photographs behind the bar at Pulperia, Banda del... Read Article

The Last Summer of La Boyita

REVIEW The Last Summer of La Boyita

By 19 April, 2012

Julia Solomonoff‘s latest film is a sweet yet daring look at that awkward no man’s land between the end of childhood and the start of adolescence. The Boyita of the title is a campervan pod which also doubles... Read Article