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Indigenous Artists Occupy Bahia’s Museum of Modern Art

By Thea Pitman 28 July, 2021

Indigenous artists staged a ‘retomada’ (reclaiming what is theirs) during an exhibition at Salvador’s Museum of Modern Art of Bahia. They took over the curation, rejecting the separation of ‘high art’ and ‘arts and crafts’, breaking traditional gallery... Read Article

Brazilian Wax #7

By 07 April, 2021

This month’s collection of fifteen contemporary Brazilian releases has been compiled from an almighty pool of potential albums; March and early April has proved phenomenally fertile soil. From pioneering dub to uproarious rock, angular funk and Eastern electronics,... Read Article

Best Brazilian Travel Guides

By 22 July, 2013

These are some of the travel guide books for Brazil that we’ve encountered over the years and some of the ones that are soon to be released, which we think you should take a look at if you’re... Read Article

Putumayo World Music – Brazilian Beat

REVIEW Putumayo World Music – Brazilian Beat

By 29 January, 2012

World music label Putumayo has a noble but tricky mission. It aims “to introduce new global music to broad audiences” with ethnic-themed aggregations. This objective is challenging from a business standpoint. Any good introduction to a new music... Read Article