Frente Cumbiero

Sounds of Colombian Port City Inspire Album

By 04 February, 2014

A collaborative project by the Todomono collective along with a variety of our favorite artists and DJs has resulted in a special album that brings the sounds of Barranquilla to listeners. “Sonsonete: la memoria sonora de Barranquilla” took... Read Article

REVIEW Meridian Brothers – Desesperanza

By 21 November, 2012

I wasn’t surprised when I heard that the new Meridian Brothers record was going to be released by Soundway Records, making it the first UK release by this Colombian group. Essentially the recording project of Eblis Javier Álvarez,... Read Article


REVIEW Ondatropica

By 16 July, 2012

As everyone knows, the one thing you really shouldn’t do with music is categorise it. Why bracket something of limitless possibility and permutation as if it were just a sterile supermarket brand? Why restrict it within the worded... Read Article