Los Destellos

REVIEW Various Artists – Peru Bravo

By 05 November, 2014

On their second compilation, the London-based Peruvian-focused label Tiger’s Milk Records have truly provided a document of what’s great about 60s and 70s Peruvian music. It’s all about the soul and those fiery guitar lines. Peru Bravo, which... Read Article

REVIEW Cumbia All Stars – Tigres en Fuga

By 10 September, 2014

At first listen, it is so striking that it seems like a debut. Tigres en Fuga sounds fresh, vigorous and resonant, spreading incessant and pulsating rhythms for the entirety of the album’s 40 minutes. But then, when you... Read Article

REVIEW The Rough Guide to Latin Psychedelia

By 03 March, 2013

The sixties and the seventies were, depending on who you ask, two of the most important decades for the development of music all around the world. Not only was there a political, cultural and sexual sea change from... Read Article

Los Chinches La Serpiente Negra Mixtape

MIXTAPE Los Chinches La Serpiente Negra Mixtape

By 23 March, 2012

Here’s a great nex mixtape from Movimientos Records, promoting Fongo, the forthcoming new album from Los Chinches, the UK’s finest Peruvian cumbia band. The mix – from DJs Cal Jader and Papa Chango – takes tracks from the... Read Article

Grupo 2000 – El Destape

REVIEW Grupo 2000 – El Destape

By 10 October, 2011

Following in the footsteps of the Peruvian chicha revival, Massachusetts based Masstrópicas have dusted off the master tapes and re-released one of the genre’s previously overlooked classics, Grupo 2000‘s El Destape. First released in 1974, the band’s début... Read Article