MIXTAPE CON ALMA 33: Biomigrant (Colombian Solidarity Special)

By 21 June, 2021

In lieu of our regular mellow Monday-morning offering, Biomigrant‘s “Colombian Solidarity Special” will be drawing attention to Colombia’s ongoing political and social crisis instead. Biomigrant is the producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Alfred Wagner.  U.S.-born but settling in Colombia... Read Article

MIXTAPE RARO 15: Alex Figueira

By 28 May, 2021

Alex Figueira is a Venezuelan-Portuguese musician, producer, DJ and record collector based in Amsterdam, known in independent music circuits as “the hardest working man in Tropical music”. It’s no hyperbole; Figueira is the founder of tropical psych-punk outfit... Read Article

MIXTAPE RARO 10: Serpente Tigre

By 12 February, 2021

“Thrilling” is an apt term to describe Serpente Tigre‘s trademark sound. The Paulista DJ and producer leaps between such an inexhaustible array of sounds during sets – and such at breakneck speed – that whiplash is an occupational... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 20: Alex Hentze

By 01 February, 2021

Antigua Guatemala native Alex Hentze is an electronic musician that tilts more towards sound design than track production. Experimenting with expressionism and articulating moods, tones and colours which navigate a panoply of human emotion, Hentze is interested in... Read Article

MIXTAPE CON ALMA 19: Astralles

By 25 January, 2021

Growing up close to her city’s effervescent club scene, São Paulo’s Astralles has worked her way from the fringes to become one of SP’s nascent DJ talents. Founder of the Quack collective (a coterie of contemporary DJs, VJs... Read Article

DJ Mario’s New Brazilian Mixtape

MIXTAPE DJ Mario’s New Brazilian Mixtape

By 10 December, 2010

Friday mixtape is back with a selection of classic Brazilian tuneage from DJ Mario, a man who will soon be enchanting the ears of London folk with a set at Batmacumba’s New Year’s Eve party. Frankly, this mix... Read Article

Esto es Sudamerica Mixtape

MIXTAPE Esto es Sudamerica Mixtape

By 17 September, 2010

We thought it was about time we celebrated South America as one, bringing together some of the artists and styles we’ve featured so far on the site, and that we still have to look forward to. We’ve chosen... Read Article