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MIXTAPE Golazo! Playlist

By 10 July, 2018

The final stages of World Cup 2018 are now upon us with the Semi Finals starting tonight and as there are no Latin American sides at this stage in the tournament we figured we needed to show some... Read Article

REVIEW La Santa Cecilia – Buenaventura

By 08 April, 2016

La Santa Cecila’s new album, Buenaventura, is a beaming and vibrant road trip through America. Imagine a journey starting in American Dixieland, passing through vivid and colourful Andean towns before reaching the pampa grasslands of the southern cone.... Read Article


By 16 March, 2016

SILVA’s debut self-titled EP was a sincere and positive shock. His refined expressivity and delicate songwriting loosened you up and set your soul free, partly thanks to its tropicália accent. The following two LPs (Claridão and Vista Pro... Read Article