70s Cuba and Bolivia on Film

By 03 March, 2022

The 1960s and ‘70s were a period of revolution, anti-imperialist struggle, and nation-building. Two films which represent and analyse this period in Latin America are Yawar Mallku (Blood of the Condor) and De cierta manera (One Way or Another).

REVIEW Feriado

By 07 October, 2015

Feriado (Holiday) explores the sexuality of Juan Pablo, an upper class Quito teenager. The title is a play on words, as the film is set during Ecuador’s 1999 banking crisis, also known as the “Feriado Bancario”. Juan Pablo... Read Article

REVIEW Storm In The Andes

By 23 March, 2015

Storm In The Andes (Tempestad En Los Andes) marks the final instalment of director Mikael Wiström’s “Peruvian trilogy”. The documentary intertwines two very distinct lives, that of Swedish born Josefin Ekermann whose aunt Augusta La Torre was second... Read Article