MIXTAPE RARO 17: Numa Gama

By 13 August, 2021

Numa Gama is a celebrated composer, performer, and producer born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. Using field recordings to extract sensations from the natural world, they meticulously organise the minutiae of diurnal life between umami beats, ethereal synthesisers,... Read Article

MIXTAPE RARO 15: Alex Figueira

By 28 May, 2021

Alex Figueira is a Venezuelan-Portuguese musician, producer, DJ and record collector based in Amsterdam, known in independent music circuits as “the hardest working man in Tropical music”. It’s no hyperbole; Figueira is the founder of tropical psych-punk outfit... Read Article

MIXTAPE RARO 14: Deltatron

By 23 April, 2021

Born in Paris, raised in Peru, DJ, producer and label-boss Deltatron has been a leading figure in Latinx urban music scenes for over a decade. His label Terror Negro is a self-appointed haven for “cultural piracy and vandalism”... Read Article

MIXTAPE RARO 12: Carrot Green

By 26 March, 2021

Both his experience and his musical elasticity situates Carlos Gualda (AKA Carrot Green) right at the spine of Rio’s – and, indeed, Brazil’s – dance music scene. Just as comfortable performing shamanic downtempo as pulse-racing techno, vivid slo-house... Read Article

MIXTAPE RARO 10: Serpente Tigre

By 12 February, 2021

“Thrilling” is an apt term to describe Serpente Tigre‘s trademark sound. The Paulista DJ and producer leaps between such an inexhaustible array of sounds during sets – and such at breakneck speed – that whiplash is an occupational... Read Article