Richard Blair

REVIEW Montoya – Otun

By 04 July, 2019

I write from my go-to café in Merida, Mexico. Ki’ Xocolatl has been a refuge since I discovered their music collection, a virtually complete catalog of Putamayo’s compilation CDs from the discovery days of ‘world music’. But, I... Read Article

REVIEW Elkin Robinson – Sun A Shine

By 15 June, 2017

Creole twang, off-beat guitar skiffle and lyrics in English. It’s a long way from the drum-heavy choruses and whistles often associated with music hailing from Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Then again, the Caribbean Island of Providencia that Elkin Robinson,... Read Article

REVIEW Sidestepper – Supernatural Love

By 05 February, 2016

The new Sidestepper album, the sixth of their twenty-year history, is also their most significant. Not simply because Supernatural Love comes after seven long years of silence and even ten years after their last work of original material, but... Read Article