Sidestepper Are Raising Funds To Produce New Album

By 02 September, 2012

Sidestepper are pioneers in mixing Colombian rhythms with electronic music, releasing five albums and a Best Of since 1997, and in doing so setting a template for bands like Bomba Estereo and Papaya Republik to follow. The group have been completely independent since 2008 and are currently looking to raise funds for a new album, to be released in October this year, and which will be followed by an international tour. This is where you come in…

Led by British producer Richard Blair, the group includes some of Colombia’s finest musicians, Teto Ocampo, Pedro Ojeda, Janio Coronado and Erika Muñoz to name just a few. Blair himself has worked with Choc Quib Town, Toto La Momposina and Carlos Vives. With his work in Sidestepper and La Momposina he played a large part in raising awareness in Colombian music outside of the country throughout the 00s.

Now is your chance to help the band out, by buying an advance copy of their new record, a signed t-shirt or even become an Executive Producer of the new record.

For full details of the fundraising campaign visit

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