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REVIEW Charly Garcia – Clics Modernos

By 14 August, 2018

Over a career spanning more than five decades, Charly Garcia has gone from the folky, kumbaya leanings of his early work with Sui Generis, through the Progish-pall of Serú Girán, to the more uptempo, pop rock that would... Read Article

City Sounds: Buenos Aires

By 01 June, 2011

Like every other big city in the world, there is a musicality that oozes from the streets of Buenos Aires. The incessant humming of old, rusty buses trying to make their way through cobbled roads, explosive symphonies of... Read Article

Go-Neko! — Los Malos de Verdad

REVIEW Go-Neko! — Los Malos de Verdad

By 04 April, 2011

Go-Neko! set out their stall on 2008’s Una Especie de Mutante; surging guitar riffs, pounded drums and tight, extended instrumentals were clearly the signs of a band owing some debt to kraut rock and heaviest post-rock bands out... Read Article

Andrés Calamaro – Beyond Prolific

By 02 August, 2010

Prolific is usually the key word that pops up in any intent of describing Argentine singer-songwriter Andrés Calamaro. He must have hundreds more songs released than anybody else in Latin rock. Granted they’re not all pieces of genius... Read Article