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Argentine Experimentalist Alan Courtis Heads to Peru and Chile

By 21 July, 2016

Influential Argentine musician Alan Courtis has just begun a short South American tour taking in Peru and Chile, where he will be performing at a number of shows as well as taking part in discussions and workshops.

Courtis’ name – often using the slightly-modified full moniker of Anla Courtis – rose to prominence in the 90s and 00s as a member of Reynols, a hugely inventive group whose records ranged from concept pieces (some were entirely composed of tape hiss or even non-existent) to noisy band affairs, featuring their most talked-about member Miguel Tomasin, who has down syndrome though this didn’t stop him from being the vocalist and drummer for the group.

Reynols have now split, though Courtis continues to make diverse and brave records, even collaborating with the likes of Merzbow, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, Jim O’Rourke, Phill Niblock and Damo Suzuki over the years.

In July and August he will be in Peru and Chile where he will be collaborating with Peru’s Manongo Mujica, Miguel Flores and Jaime Oliver as well as an assortment of talks, workshops and discussions. Full details of all the appearances are below:

20th July – Lima – workshop with Manongo Mujica (facebook.com/events/891319804330051)
21st July – Lima – workshop with Manongo Mujica (facebook.com/events/891319804330051)
22nd July – Lima – El Dragon de Barranco with Manongo Mujica, Miguel Flores & Tete Laguía (facebook.com/events/1270576112954299)
23rd July – Lima – 10am-1pm Workshop and Conference in Tae Perú about music and incapacity (taeperu.org)
24th July – Lima – Victoria Bar with Jaime Olivier (facebook.com/events/1925023281057639)

26th July de Julio – Santiago – workshop Centro Cultural Matucana 100 (m100.cl)
27th July de Julio – Valdivia –  Espacio en Construcción (facebook.com/events/1058828040854089)
28th July de Julio – Valdivia –  workshop Universidad Austral de Chile (taller) (uach.cl)
29th July de Julio – Santiago – workshop and show Centro Cultural Matucana 100 (taller y concierto) (m100.cl)
30th July de Julio – Valparaíso – El Internado (elinternado.cl)
31st July de Julio – Valparaíso – discussion/workshop Taller de Tecnologia Libre (t3knologialibr3.tumblr.com)

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