Diane Ghogomu’s Buenos Aires Rap Playlist

By 09 June, 2014

As a part of an interview I did with Diane Ghogomu about her film Buenos Aires Rap, she and the other directors chose some songs that are representative of the different types of rap that are happening right now in Buenos Aires.

Here are their selections (watch the clips using the YouTube playlist below):

1. Asterisco “Comoduro Rivadavia”
2. Mustafa Yoda “El Hombre Bueno Que Fue al Infierno”
3. Nucleo aka TintaSucia & DJ Pela “Dig”
4. Dante “Mostro”
5. Sara Hebe “Otra Vez”
6. Marcianos Crew ft. Miss Bolivia “Relajate”

Read George Kafka’s interview with Diane Ghogomu

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