Fértil Discos Meditate on Confinement with ‘Fuera De Tiempo’ Electronic Folklore Compilation

By 07 August, 2020

Socially and emotionally, 2020 has been one of the wildest years on record. Some claim that the pandemic is the earth wanting a rest and telling us to take a break. The music world has been hit hard, and that’s why there are a lot of campaigns aiming to give back to the people who keep us calm nowadays, the musicians.

Thinking about all this madness, Argentine label Fértil Discos have released Fuera Del Tiempo (Postales De Una Pausa), an obligatory introspection and a union of forces in the form of a compilation album. The record features many familiar faces from the label and Argentina, as well as some newcomers and foreign guests.

Here you can find new music, inspired in confinement, by Pol Nada, Jin Yerei, Barda, El Remolón, Marco Selvaggio, Mente Orgánica, Xanducero, Cuervo Cuervo, Leo Silcan, Bicho, Manu Ela, Lautaro González aka Shoao, Galo Vermelho, Tomás Batista, Relo, Damia, Silly Tang ft. La Sardina, Enanomalhecho, Villa Diamante and Lavender & The Good Times.

Get it this Bandcamp Friday, or anytime with direct donation to the artists, on Fértil Discos

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