Review Jin Yerei – Foraneo Calido Pasmoso


The sound of the pan pipe in musical arrangements is one that sadly, for most British listeners, inspires tragically misplaced images of lone Andean salesman peddling their wares in high streets and markets around the country. A horrendously bastardised, plastic-sleeve wrapped dilution of an instrument fundamental to the cultural identity of many South American nations. An instrument, which, as Argentine artist Jin Yerei shows on Foraneo Calido Pasmoso, can be stretched, warped, looped and produced into a funky, melodic hodge-podge of sound.

Recorded, as the album notes somewhat presumptuously point out, as “a vast journey through Jin’s vision of the composite between nostalgia and human introspection through the context of a digital life”, this is music that hovers playfully between traditional instruments shining on their own merit, and a riotous ripping up of the rulebook that creates a nouveau folky-cumbia where pan pipes sit harmoniously alongside a Midi controller.

Opening track “Afriq” is a bass-led trek through a haunted rainforest where the distant murmurs of a repetitive ‘donde estás’ echo perfectly our temporary discomfort at finding ourselves in new territory. This is clearly a deeply personal journey that Yerei makes, and “Introspección” makes clear that he feels at home with this musical arsenal at his disposal. It’s a limitless journey, the ironically titled (and roughly translated) title of ‘Foreign, Warm, Breathtaking’ suggests this is an artist who channels both that which he knows and that which he is discovering with flair. Standout track “King in My Empire” echoes the work of Nicolas Jaar, searching, discovering and then painfully and elusively simmering out of reach amongst a blur of beautifully sampled animal sounds. Sign-off track “Where’s the Bass?” is perhaps the least sensitive, and, therefore, least interesting piece on the album, but it’s still a funky little number that pulls off the surprisingly difficult job of encouraging you to dance to the sound of cicadas.

Foraneo Calido Pasmoso is a confident and bold effort by this increasingly exploratory producer. It’s a mix of cumbia, folk, the old and the new. It’s an experiment, a wonderful collection of flawlessly produced sampling that integrates into an understandable and delightful whole.

Foraneo Calido Pasmoso is available from Foraneo Calido Pasmoso by Jin Yerei

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