New Sounds Of Argentina #5

By 17 March, 2021

March in Argentina is a very important month. We “start the year”: school and academic activities, new projects, and, fortunately, musicians are returning to play live in venues, bars and outdoors. Also, this month we celebrate International Women’s Day (8th March) which is really meaningful here, and there is also Memory’s Day on 24th March when we ask for justice for all the disappearances during the last dictatorship in our country. Here, musicians and artists are so committed to both causes. 

In the following ten song playlist from Argentina, you will find music by La Fuerza Mayor, Chupaca (ft. La Mari), Todo Aparenta Normal, Eliana Lardone (ft. Melanie Cascante), Delfina Campos, Celeste Martinez and Sebastián Henriquez, Solentina, Mica Sancho, Vosque, and Federico Kempff (ft. Maurice Aguirre). 

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