PREMIÈRE: Discover Leda Valladares Tribute On This Special El Remolón Mixtape

By 12 March, 2019

When you revisit an iconic folk artist, there is an extensive trip where you follow divergent paths that lead you to discover new places, yet somehow still sound familiar. El Camino De Leda is the newest compilation from Argentinean label Fértil Discos, alongside Barcelona-based Folcore, revisiting the long and prolific roads that Leda Valladares walked when she showcased the traditional side of Argentine music.

On this new mixtape, From The Andes To The Himalayas, Fertil label-head El Remolón, explores and expands the spectrum of Leda’s influence: canto con caja, Mapuche electronic music, eastern sounds, and more. Deep bass from Chancha Via Circuito featuring Shaman’s voice, Savia Andina going electronic, and even some lyrics by Britney Spears are used by Brazilian Cigarra in an organic edit. A mixtape that brings ancestral chants to our contemporary universe of pop culture and slowly-unfurling electronics.

Get a copy of El Camino De Leda from Bandcamp and take a listen to the mixtape below:

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