PREMIÈRE: Fer Isella Opts For Simplicity On New Album ‘The Art Of The Possible’

By 20 September, 2017

“Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler” are purportedly words that tumbled out of Albert Einstein’s mouth many moons ago. It’s this maxim that Argentine musician and producer Fer Isella picks up on on his upcoming album The Art Of The Possible.

“Simplifying things over is one of the most complicated tasks nowadays,” says Isella. “Coming back to the essence is our new vital goal.” And that’s exactly what he does on the new album, as highlighted by lead single “Simple”, which you can listen to below. With just the piano at hand Isella created The Art Of The Possible through weekly improvisational sessions undertaken with prolific sound artist Ulises Conti in Buenos Aires.

The result is an album simple in its components, yet with a masterful quality to its playing, Isella able to channel his years of experience – he has recorded with Miho Hatori, Vera Spinetta and Soledad, as well as recently working on the posthumous Mercedes Sosa album Ángel – into a poised and personal album. It’s an album capable of taking the listener out of the hustle and bustle of modern life and at least give them a moment of simplicity.

The Art of the Possible is due out September 21st 2017 on Limbo Music.

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