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Story of ZZK Records Captured in Short Doc ‘Ritmos Bastardos’

By 07 November, 2019

A new documentary tells the story of ZZK Records and the Zizek club which revolutionised the underground dance music scene in Buenos Aires, and continues to have a huge impact on electronic music across Latin America and its popularity worldwide.

Ritmos Bastardos – The Story of Zizek Club & ZZK Records, directed by Pablo Mensi and produced by ZZK Films, starts at the beginning, detailing how Zizek Club shot out of a barren cultural landscape in Buenos Aires owing to the economic crisis of 2001. From there, it became one of the city’s most revered club nights within just a few years, with the hybrid Latin American electronic music being played soon finding a home on the ZZK Records imprint. DJs and producers like Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolon, Axel Krygier, King Coya, Tremor and Frikstailers all rose from this scene, and soon found an appreciative audience worldwide.

With ZZK Records still producing the goods, though not as Buenos Aires-centric as at the beginning (Nicola Cruz, Son Rompe Pera, Uji are just some of the artists to recently be released on the label) the film is a timely reminder of the community spirit that gave birth to digital cumbia and electronic folklore in Buenos Aires, musical styles that have since become a global affair.

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